Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you ask for an evening or weekend phone number on your answering machine?

The Federation does not have a full time office or staff.  Calls to the membership office are generally returned on the weekend.

I misplaced or lost my paperwork, how do I get another copy?

Call 609-859-2648 and let us know you need a copy of your paperwork.  Like all other paperwork listed above, duplicates are usually sent out within a week.  Starting on August 1, 2013, we will be instituting a $5 fee for duplicates to cover the cost of materials and processing.  Duplicates can also be ordered online.

I’m already a member and I didn’t receive a renewal notice in the mail.

All renewal notices are mailed one month before membership expires.  If you didn’t receive your renewal notice, that’s not a problem, just mail us a check or renew online.  Also, please notify us if you have a change of address to insure delivery of your paperwork.

Can you fax or email my paperwork?

Unfortunately, no.  Paperwork cannot be faxed or emailed.  See the question about proof of insurance if you need your paperwork quickly.


I need proof of insurance for the landowner/township yesterday! What can I do?

When you apply or renew online, you’ll receive an emailed confirmation of your transaction.  We’ve never heard of a landowner or township not accepting that confirmation as proof of insurance until you receive your actual paperwork.

When can I expect my paperwork?

98% of the time, online applications are processed the weekend after they’re received and mailed out on Monday morning.