Our Beliefs

The New Jersey State Federation of Sportsman Clubs believes fostering a keen awareness of New Jersey’s natural resources will encourage the wise use and management of those resources for the benefit of all New Jersey, present and future.

NJSFSC believes that conservation education is the principal tool available to enable New Jersey’s people to competently appraise and understand the values and importance of all natural, resources, and to learn to husband and wisely manage them in perpetuity.

NJSFSC believes strongly that both sport hunting of game species and lawful trapping under proper regulation are important and valuable tools in the management and preservation of a healthy and high quality wildlife population, and the control of less desirable species.

NJSFSC supports the right of citizens to own and bear arms as specified in the 2nd ammendment of the Constitution of the United States.

NJSFSC believes gun control can best be served by complete enforcement of existing laws, already on the books, but we are specifically opposed to gun registration and individual licensing.

NJSFSC firmly believes that the management of the State’s resources should neither be directed nor influenced on the basis of partisan politics or special user interests which conflict with the over-all public good.
NJSFSC believes the presence of clear, unpolluted, free-flowing streams in our environment indicates the environment’s general good health. In addition, we recognize that certain streams are uniquely rich in scenery, productive of wildlife and valuable for human recreation and esthetic enjoyment. In such streams the natural values outweigh in social importance the artificial values and the products to be attained through engineering structures or modification of the natural stream bed.

NJSFSC therefore believes:

  1. The rivers and streams should be retained in their natural and free-flowing state wherever possible.
  2. The single source as well as general pollution must be identified and reduced.
  3. The optimum use principle must be applied to certain uniquely rich rivers and streams so as to classify them and see that they are not altered by dams, diversions, channelization or river corridor destruction and development, but are preserved in a natural state.
  4. The designation of certain natural streams and rivers as Scenic or Wild through State or Federal programs must be in the best interest for their protection and encouraged where appropriate.

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