Middlesex County Chapter, Central Region

An Organization of Sportsmen, Sportswomen, and Sportsmen Club

We meet the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm (except for July and August) at The Polish American Citizen’s Club, 66 Adirondack Avenue, Spotswood, NJ. 08884

Independent Sportsmen Welcome!

To our web browsing friends: The sportsmen and women of Middlesex County would like to welcome you to our page.

The New Jersey State Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, through the individual county chapters and the statewide organizations, strives to deliver a better understanding of our environment, the fish and wildlife to the general public as well as sportsmen. Through the efforts of the various organizations you’ll see on this web site, many enjoyable and worthwhile activities are provided.

  • Fishing tournaments, such as the annual Governor’s Tournament at Island Beach, benefit handicapped enthusiasts. This is sponsored by the Jersey Coast Anglers, Beach Buggy Assn., Division of Fish & Game, and the Federation.
  • Environmental issues affecting water quality are an active concern of all the fishing clubs and organizations in the Federation.
  • Controlling the overabundant deer population is a concern of most of the inhabitants of New Jersey. Through the seasons and regulations set up by the Fish & Game Council, the sporting clubs and individual hunters harvest 50,000 + deer per year. The value to the habitat for other wildlife, birds especially, is enhanced, as well as the nutritional value of the venison itself. This venison is consumed and enjoyed by not only those who harvest the game, but also by those who depend on community kitchens for nourishment. Small mammals are also affected by the over population of deer because the deer can destroy the understory vegetation that these mammals need for survival.
  • Attending Game and Fish Code hearings allows the public to voice concerns and suggestions regarding the wildlife of New Jersey. The Federation is a source of intelligent information on these matters. The Federation’s membership exceeds 145,000.

We could go on and on, but we’d rather talk to you in person. Stop in to one or more County or Statewide Organization meetings and introduce yourself. We’d be glad to see and hear from you. Come in and join, and be a part of the solution in helping fellow outdoors people in conserving the environment!



President:  Jeffery Wren  732-742-2836 M   ejwren@optonline.net
1st. V. President: Frank Bruno
2nd V. President: Ken Stewart
R. Secretary: 
Ralph  Jasionowski   
Treasurer: Edward J. Karecki Jr.
Delegates: Edward J. Karecki, Sr.
John  Messeroll, Gary Wolf

Member Club Listing:

Bay View  Rod and Gun Club South Amboy, NJ 08079
Double O Rod and Gun Club.
Hercules Rod and Gun Club,
Lenape Rod and Gun Club.
South River Pistol Club,
Wa, X0, Be, Archers