Atlantic County Chapter, Southern Region

An Organization of Individual Sportsmen, Sportswomen, and Sportsmen Clubs

We meet at the Germania Gun Club, 722 Moss Mill Rd. Egg Harbor. 08215, 2nd Thursday of the month at 8:00 pm (except July and August).
Eric Gaup (President), (609) 513-8542

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Atlantic County Chapter of the NJ Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs from throughout the county. We represent hundreds of hunters, trappers and fishermen in the area. We are firm believers in our methods of wildlife control. We provide directions on ways to save out natural resources such as wetlands, forests, farmlands and to fight pollution. This is a key to those who enjoy the outdoors as we do and wish to pass it on to our children.

The purpose of the Federation at our level and the benefits that we offer to members are outlined below.

The monthly meetings are used to disseminate information and gather the feelings of members for issues affecting our sports. Usually a Fish & Game Council member and a Division of Fish and Wildlife employee attend our meetings. Progress of proposed legislation is discussed. Issues such as license fees, trout stocking, game seasons, limits, and wildlife management are discussed. Direct input from members is encouraged. We are proud of the positive impact our organization has had on the management of our natural resources.

Individual members are able to secure a $1,000,000 personal liability policy that covers the member while hunting, fishing or trapping anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. Coverage includes legal use of bow and arrow and firearm for target shooting either in practice or competition. All members are eligible to hold office in the Federation or to run for positions on the Fish and Game Council.

The Atlantic County Federation has sponsored the FAA Tech Center Hunt and The Second Tag Same Day code change.


President:                 Eric Gaupp                 609-513-8542
1st V. President:      P. J. Passiaqua
2nd V. President:    N/A
R. Secretary              John Caporale
C. Secretary:             N/A
Treasurer:                  Howard Huston,    609-432-4027
Delegates Region-State:           Edward Markowski
State:                        Frank Schoenstine


Member Clubs:
Absencon Saltwater Sportsmen
Antler Gun Club
Atlantic Co. Game Preserve
Bayview Gunning Club
Buck Rest
EHT Sportsmen Club
Friends of Forsythe
Germania Gunning Club
Great Eggs Harbor
Ducks Lake Anne Gun Club
Never There Gun Club
New Jersey Fur Harvesters
Ocean City Sportsmen Club
Pine Meadow Hunting Club
Pine Valley Rod & Gun Club
Port Republic Gun Club
Shikaris Rifle And Gun Club
Sur Shot Gun Club
Sneaky Hollow Gun Club
Tri County Longbeards

Our yearly donations are made to:

  • Clubs/Organizations sponsoring youth fishing tournaments
  • Clubs/Organizations sponsoring adult fishing tournaments
  • NJ Artificial Reef Program
  • Outstanding Deer Program
  • Operation Game Thief
  • Ducks Unlimited Green Wing Youth Program
  • Absecon Saltwater Sportsmen for Absecon Boat Ramp
  • Becoming An Outdoors Women Program
  • Annual Youth Shoot at Redwing Sporting Clays

We also have a great venison dinner every February that helps us meet other sportsmen and women.

Please come and join us. We need every club in Atlantic County. Dues are $20.00 per year. A very small price for all that we accomplish.