Member Benefits

Your NJSFSC Membership entitles you to call yourself a member of the New Jersey State Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, an organization established in 1935 and currently serving over 150,000 individual sportsmen/women and sportsmen’s clubs across NJ.

In addition, our individual membership packages offer the following benefits:

Membership – $40 each

When considering joining the NJSFSC and becoming a member, please note that it takes seven to fourteen days from date of receipt to process and mail your card and certificate. This is also subject to the time of year and volume of request. We cannot email Membership Cards or Insurance Certificates. Please take this in consideration when applying for hunting permission and insurance is required.

Thank You,

Dave Cesarano, Membership Director

Membership Application Information

Questions about Membership should be directed to our Membership Director, Dave Cesarano

Attn: Individuals and Household Members – to become a member, click here to apply online or click here to download an application, then print it and send it to:

NJSFSC – Membership Post Office Box 10173 Trenton, NJ 08650 (609) 298-4170 voicemail (609) 298-4261 fax