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New Jersey State federation of sportsmen's clubs

An Organization of Individual Sportsmen/Women and Sportsmen's Clubs in NJ


Conservation Education NJSFSC supports the development of educational programs that provide knowledge to manage and conserve natural resources.

Resource Management NJSFSC firmly believes that the management of New Jersey's resources should not be influenced by partisan politics or special interest groups which conflict with the over-all public good. It follows that agencies which administrate our resources cannot perform their responsibilities in the best interests of the people when subjected to and hampered by partisan considerations or special interest associations.

Wildlife Management NJSFSC strives through education to protect and enhance the esthetic and recreational values of wildlife through a sensible and scientific approach. Chief in the esthetic values to be protected are a reasonable balance in the ecological community, the quality of wildness in game, and, in man, the principles of sportsmanship. These qualities, we believe, add to the recreational benefits we enjoy in our wildlife resources.

Sport Hunting NJSFSC strongly believes that both sport hunting of game species and lawful trapping under proper regulation are important, valuable tools in the management and preservation of a healthy, high quality wildlife population, and the control of less desirable species.

Firearms NJSFSC supports the right of citizens to own and bear arms as specified in the 2nd amendment of the Constitution of the United States. We believe gun control can best be served by complete enforcement of existing laws, already on the books, but we are specifically opposed to gun registration and individual licensing.

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